Offshore Company Formation Cyprus

Cyprus, located in the Eastern Mediterranean, is an island conveniently situated between 3 major continents; Europe, Asia, and Africa. The current population of Cyprus is around 850000 with most of them living in the 4 main towns; the capital of Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. Being a former British Colony, it made sense that English […]

Offshore Company Formation in Hong Kong

Despite that there are no specific laws that encourage the formation of an offshore company in Hong Kong, the country is still seen as one of the most attractive places to form an offshore company in. Among some of the reasons are Hong Kong has low taxes, no foreign controls, political, economic, and legal stability. […]

Offshore Company Formation in the United Kingdom

In order to present their company as a reliable European company, investors are looking for places in Europe to form an offshore company. As one of the largest states in Europe, with an estimated population of 62 million people, the United Kingdom is one of the ideal places to form an offshore company in because […]

Offshore Company Formation in Singapore

Offshore companies are companies that are set up outside of their home country. Therefore, it is important to correctly choose the country that you want to incorporate your offshore company in because it can either make or break your business. As a major country in the Asian region and an international business hub, Singapore is […]

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Due to the new directive by the European Union, which requests all financial institutions located in the European Union member states to declare tax and bank information on their customers to the related tax authorities, Dubai is a better option to incorporate your offshore company in. Despite that European Union’s new directive only affects residents […]

Offshore company formation Panama

Panama Companies or also known as Panama Corporations are created under the law known as General Corporation Law which is Law 32 of February 26, 1927. This Law 32 has also been used as a model for a lot of other jurisdictions and it offers a flexible corporate structure while providing investor privacy and ensures […]

How to Register an Offshore Company in Malaysia

Listed below is a list of information you need in order to register an offshore company in Labuan. Name of the Company Offshore companies are allowed to use foreign names as long as they incorporate Latin alphabets. Words such as Bank, Building Society, Insurance, Assurance, Reinsurance, Fund Management, Investment Fund, Trust, Trustees, Chamber of Commerce, […]

What is Offshore Company ?

Offshore company is a company that is setup in a totally different country where the company is founded. Throughout history, people migrate and moves to places where there are ample of opportunities. This happens with business world as well. Offshore company is a great way where people can expand their business  and to route their profit to […]